What All Does Grooming Entail And How Would You Grade Yourself?

What does it mean to groom yourself? It means something different for both men and women. Some of the things we do are the same and some of the things we do are different. If you ask women, men need to do a much better job of grooming themselves in the first place. And maybe we should listen. This man, however, does know quite a bit about grooming skin care and all of the other little things that men sometimes avoid. But like every other man, I don’t always get around to it.

Facial Grooming

For purposes of this article, let’s stick with the face in regards to grooming. Men hit their 30s and that testosterone is still in high gear, causing all kinds of facial hair to grow. Men have hair coming out their nose out their ears and growing in every other direction. A nose hair trimmer, a beard trimmer and ear hair trimmer all kinds of different things might be required.

grooming definition


Pay attention to those eyebrows, too, as those eyebrow hairs, just love to go rogue as you get older. And for goodness sakes, facial grooming starts with a regular haircut. If you don’t keep up with the haircuts and the other basics, then you’re going to not really feel like doing the extra steps that it takes to keep yourself groomed on daily basis.

So how would you grade yourself on your grooming? If you give yourself an a after reading what you’ve read, then that’s good. You need to add a moisturizer to your skin care regimen now if you don’t have one. No matter how much facial hair you have, you also need to recognize the importance of exfoliation. If you need a good moisturizer, natural coconut oil is always a good choice. There are many skin care products specifically for men, too.

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