Is It Good To Do Overseeding In The Spring?

If spring is approaching, and you need to get your lawn prepared, you may want to consider overseeing. This is a strategy that is used by people that are trying to improve the condition of the front or back yard. It’s easy to do if you have the proper equipment. It will probably only take about 30 minutes of your time. This will allow you to start this process. If you can, do the overseeing prior to spring, but is it a good idea to do it once spring arrives?

What Over seeding Accomplishes

This is going to accomplish a couple different things. First of all, you are going to increase the probability that you are going to have grass grow as thick as possible. It is a strategy that is often used when you are trying to improve certain areas where the grass has died. Instead of doing it prior to spring, some people try to do this during the spring time. There are some positive and negative aspects to this particular strategy.

The Benefits Of Over seeding

The primary benefit of doing this is to ensure that your lawn is as healthy as possible. In some cases, too much seed can cause a few problems. For instance, if there is not enough water, or nutrients in the soil, extremely thick grass can start to be compromised. However, if you have fertilize properly, and you are watering regularly, it is simply going to look fantastic.

Drawbacks Of Over seeding

The main drawbacks of doing this have already been mentioned. You could crowd all of the other blades of grass causing them to not be healthy. It may also be difficult for your mower to go through the grass. You may end up burning out your mower very quickly. By using common sense when seeding your grass, you will have a healthy lawn.

What About Using A Professional To Help You?

You can use a professional to help you. It’s actually easy to accomplish. You can go to the Yellow Pages, or search on the web, and you will be able to find someone that is affordable. Reviews are often posted about these professionals that can help you get this seeding done. They will do it properly, using the exact type of grass that you have to ensure that you get the best results. If you choose to do this after spring arrives, they will also avoid overseeding your grass.

Now that you have a better idea of how to seed your grass, you can see that, in some cases, over seeding might be necessary. If there are areas of your lawn that are extremely thin, or even barren of grass, you will need to provide as much seed as possible. This also requires you to fertilize the lawn properly, and also provide plenty of water. As long as you are doing this in the spring, use these tips to ensure that the amount of seed that you use will actually help it look better. Keep in touch with Discover Ziehler to know more about lawn maintenance.