All About Social Security Card Application for Maine Residents

In the United States of America, a Social Security number or SSN is very important nine-digit number issued to every U.S. citizen either permanent or temporary resident of the country. The number is issued to a resident by the Social Security Administration or SSA. The main purpose of SSN is to track every individual for various Social Security purposes.

Besides, SSN is also required in opening bank accounts, getting a health insurance, etc. It is often demanded by the banks and financial institutions to apply for loans, and credit cards.

Social Security Card
Types of Social Security Cards

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Different types of social security cards are issued to different types of residents –

Type 1 – People who are permanent residents of the country and people who have legally migrated from other countries permanently are issued type 1’ SSNs.

Type 2 – The second type comes with a note Valid for work only with DHS authorization’. People who have migrated in the USA lawfully and have DHS authorization to work in this country for a temporary basis are given a second type of SSNs.

Type 3 – This type is meant for the following categories of temporary residents –

People who have come to the USA for any other reason and without a work permit from DHS.

People who need SSNs as any federal law of the land requiring them to have that number for any social security reasons.

Applying for a Social Security card

Application for social security card or number for Maine residents is free. The application could be used for three different reasons –

For a new application

For a replacement of existing card due to damage or any other reasons.

For changing any given information like change of address.

Social Security Administration asks for mandatory evidences for processing an application. The evidences are as follows –

For a new application – At least two documents are needed, e.g. one document for proof of identity and age, while another document as a proof of residency or valid work permit in the USA. In case the second document is not available or applicable, a valid document for non-work reason of staying in this country is required.

For replacement application – In this case too, the applicant needs to provide an identity proof and current status of his or residency in Maine.

For changing information – Information printed on the card may need changing due to printing mistakes or actual changes, like change in name, or address. In such situations, an applicant need to furnish a valid document in support of his or her application for change.

Process of submitting an application

Submission of Social Security card application is easy for the residents in Maine. He or she just needs to get the information, whether the office accepts application online or one needs to visit the office physically. Normally, if a SSA office is established for a specific area, it is mandatory for the residents to visit the office with documents personally. If the age of an applicant is under 12 and applying for the first time, physical appearance is mandatory along with his or her legal guardian.

However, important information required for application is available from SSA’s official website or help desk executives over the telephone.

Some important aspects of filling up the applications

Although filling up the application is not at all a complicated affair, applicants in Maine must keep in mind the following important aspects while filling up the application form –

Writing a perfect mailing address is important. The address should be one where the applicant will be available for at least two weeks after applying for SSN.

Ticking right citizenship option is necessary because authority will ask to submit supporting documents.

In date of birth field, writing all four digits of year’ is necessary.

SSN of mother and father are necessary with the application of an individual under the age of 18 years. In some exceptional cases, application is accepted without SSN of the mother also.

Person above the age of 18 needs to sign on the application on his or own, while legal guardian like father or mother needs to sign an application if the person is under the age of 18 or could not sign on his or her own.

It is important for every resident in the USA to remember his or her SSN, as it is the proof of identity in this country. No other persons or institutions except an employer, bank, credit card companies, health insurers etc. should know that number. It is a fraud if someone else misuses the number or steals the card or number for illegal activities.