How To Get A Lawn Of Your Choice

The Lawn of Your Choice

It is everyone’s desire to have a lawn they want whether the lawn is old or new. Despite this desire, most do not get a lawn that they like. Our company helps you get the lawn you want, at an affordable price.

Having a lawn of your choice has never been easy especially when you don’t have any knowledge on lawn care. We will provide you with a lawn care guide that will be critical in development and maintenance of your lawn.

Lawn Care Guide

Soil Test

When starting a new lawn, test your soil and use the right fertilizer to enrich it. Having the right soil is paramount as it makes your lawn grow its best. Our company assists you to carry out soil test to ensure availability of the right nutrients for your grass.

Selecting the Right Grass

Select the best grass for your lawn and plant it. The type of grass to be used depends on your location. Some areas require cool-season grasses, other warm-season grasses, while others require both. We help you choose the right grass for your lawn. Check out this guide to Summer tips for your lawn for more information.

Fertilizer Application

Fertilize your lawn. Fertilizer is critical in providing grass with additional nutrients not available in the soil. Availability of the right nutrients ensures the development of a healthy lawn. We help you in choosing the right fertilizer, preparing your lawn for application, and applying fertilizer to your lawn.

Importance of Mowing

Ensure your lawn is mowed correctly. Correct mowing increases lawn density and reduces weeds. Mowing height depends on the type of grass. Our company teaches you how to use a mower among others.

Weed Control

Control weeds in your lawn. It is advisable to prevent weeds than to let them grow. Our company uses pre-emergent herbicide to prevent weeds. This herbicide stops sprouting of weed seeds.

Best Lawn Care Company – Discover Ziehler

Have you moved to a new place and wanted to develop a new lawn? Have you struggled to have a thick green lawn without success? We hope this lawn care guide has helped you. Our company has the best people and the right equipment for both large and small lawns.