Being healthy and living for the future in Maine.

A healthy lifestyle is easy to achieve with a few tips and tricks up your sleeve. Here, we give you some general information about the essentials of healthy living, and then explain some specific ways that you can achieve this in Maine.

So, no matter how long you are in Maine for – as a permanent resident or as a visitor for a few days – you will find that being healthy and living for the future in Maine is as easy as can be.
Healthy eating.

Living and working in Maine

Diet is a key part of overall health, and it is essential to eat a balanced diet that contains protein, carbohydrates, fruits and vegetables and unsaturated fats (such as olive oil) rather than saturated fats (such as butter). Maine is awash with excellent eateries where you can grab a healthy meal or snack.

From the Green Elephant Bistro to the Local Sprouts Cooperative, you will find it hard to stroll through the streets of Maine without coming across a tasty smoothie bar or healthy restaurant or cafe. Maine (especially the Portland region of Maine) is famously good for vegetarians, vegans, and people who want to explore a raw diet too, so get stuck in!


Exercising regularly is also key to good health. Jogging, cycling, swimming and aerobics are all popular in Maine, as are forms of group exercise such as Pilates, hot yoga, spinning and zumba. In fact, no matter what type of activity you want to try you are almost certain to be able to find plenty of people to do it with in Maine.

A great way to keep motivated when exercising is to do so in the great outdoors and there are plenty of beautiful parks in Maine where people go to cycle, jog, walk briskly or do yoga outside. Acadia National Park is one good example of a large park in this region, however no matter where you are staying in the Maine area you will never be more than a stone’s throw from a green space.

Another initiative that is of interest here is the Maine Healthy Beaches initiative. The local council at Maine have worked hard to ensure that Maine’s beaches are clean and litter free and that the water is safe to swim in. So why not try a spot of sailing or some swimming or diving off the coast of Maine? Just make sure to check that you are at a beach with a lifeguard and safe water for swimming in.

Total beginners can take advantage of the lessons provided by the numerous swimming and sailing (and other water sports) schools available in the area.

The work life balance.

Getting a good balance between work and play is very important for being healthy and living for the future in Maine. Maine has very low levels of unemployment, so if you have come here to work in a rewarding job you will find following your passion and earning some cash at the same time pretty easy.

Just make sure to relax as well – stress is a leading cause of ill health in the US. Maine is filled with cinemas, places to stroll, pubs, bars, cafes and clubs – as well as some interesting activities such as birdwatching societies and fun craft and sewing clubs. No matter what type of relaxing activity you are interested in, from wine tastings to poetry readings, and from jazz concerts to salsa dancing classes, Maine has it all!

Live for the future!

Our healthy living in the present will ensure that we have a healthy future, too. Starting as soon as possible with a healthy diet, fitness regime and work life balance is so important for getting into good habits and keeping our bodies in great shape inside and out. So why not use the tips described above to help your stay in Maine to be as healthy and as happy as can be?

The whole atmosphere of Maine is a very health and fitness friendly one, and so you will have no problem meeting like minded people to share your healthy hobbies with, or simply to let you in on some insider knowledge about being healthy and living for the future in Maine. Have a wonderful time exploring the beautiful Maine region!