Foods English Bulldogs Can’t And Shouldn’t Eat

Bulldogs are like many dogs, they will eat anything if you leave them alone. They will eat it quickly, too. With that said, if you plan on getting a bulldog or you currently have one and you want to know what foods to avoid giving them, then the below information should help you.


All dogs need protein, but some dog breeds don’t need as much protein as other types of dog breeds, and bulldogs are one of those breeds.Protein is needed because it helps dogs grow and develop, but bulldog puppies grow fast and if you give them too much protein, then their musculoskeletal system can become strained. Bulldogs can develop kidney stones if they are given too much protein, and protein that isn’t burned off as calories are stored as fat. This can be an issue because bulldogs are known for being heavy dogs and they are prone to obesity.

In other words, don’t feed your dog too much protein. Keep your bulldog on a moderate protein diet. The good news is there are plenty of types of dog food that is ideal for bulldogs.

Bulldogs And Flatulence

The main source of flatulence in dogs is their diet, and the problem may become worse in bulldogs, due to them having a shortened face. When bulldogs eat, they have to ingest a lot of air, and this can add to flatulence. What you want to do is have your bulldog eat slowly, which is why you should feed them small kibbles. Don’t feed your dog table scraps and avoid giving them foods such peas, milk products, soybeans and spicy foods or fatty foods.

Foods That Are Toxic

There are certain foods you should never give your bulldog because they are extremely toxic to it and one of those foods is chocolate. Chocolate is bad for all dogs. Also, some foods can make digestive problems worse in bulldogs, and one of these foods is raw bread dough. Raw bread dough can worsen breathing difficulties in bulldogs.

Other foods to avoid giving your bulldog includes raisins and grapes. These foods can cause damage to the kidneys. Hops can also be dangerous to give to your bulldogs because they can increase dogs’ body temperatures. Bulldogs are more prone to kidney disease and they are more prone to heatstroke, which is why you should avoid giving bulldogs such foods.

What You should Do

It’s a good idea to buy commercial dry dog food that lists meat as the very first ingredient, and stay away from dog food that contains soy as an ingredient. Avoid free-feeding your bulldog and you should ration two or more meals per day for your adult bulldog because this will reduce the chances of them becoming bloating. Don’t forget to provide them with fresh drinking water on a constant basis.

Now you have a better idea of what you shouldn’t give your bulldog. As a rule of thumb, avoid giving your bulldog any human food. Remember, it’s better to be safe than sorry. For detail information on bulldogs click here at