How To Get A Lawn Of Your Choice

The Lawn of Your Choice

It is everyone’s desire to have a lawn they want whether the lawn is old or new. Despite this desire, most do not get a lawn that they like. Our company helps you get the lawn you want, at an affordable price.

Having a lawn of your choice has never been easy especially when you don’t have any knowledge on lawn care. We will provide you with a lawn care guide that will be critical in development and maintenance of your lawn.

Lawn Care Guide

Soil Test

When starting a new lawn, test your soil and use the right fertilizer to enrich it. Having the right soil is paramount as it makes your lawn grow its best. Our company assists you to carry out soil test to ensure availability of the right nutrients for your grass.

Selecting the Right Grass

Select the best grass for your lawn and plant it. The type of grass to be used depends on your location. Some areas require cool-season grasses, other warm-season grasses, while others require both. We help you choose the right grass for your lawn. Check out this guide to Summer tips for your lawn for more information.

Fertilizer Application

Fertilize your lawn. Fertilizer is critical in providing grass with additional nutrients not available in the soil. Availability of the right nutrients ensures the development of a healthy lawn. We help you in choosing the right fertilizer, preparing your lawn for application, and applying fertilizer to your lawn.

Importance of Mowing

Ensure your lawn is mowed correctly. Correct mowing increases lawn density and reduces weeds. Mowing height depends on the type of grass. Our company teaches you how to use a mower among others.

Weed Control

Control weeds in your lawn. It is advisable to prevent weeds than to let them grow. Our company uses pre-emergent herbicide to prevent weeds. This herbicide stops sprouting of weed seeds.

Best Lawn Care Company – Discover Ziehler

Have you moved to a new place and wanted to develop a new lawn? Have you struggled to have a thick green lawn without success? We hope this lawn care guide has helped you. Our company has the best people and the right equipment for both large and small lawns.

Beautiful Chandeliers in Maine

If you have at any time visited with a 5 star motel or resort, you’ve likely been drawn to the tasteful chandelier in the foyer. This was likely the very first thing to capture your attention, when you walked through the entrance door. In case you can possess this type of munificent light piece wouldn’t it be amazing?

beautiful chandeliers
Nobody wants their home to be dull and dark. Alternatively, you may wish to develop a warm, soothing surroundings that’s extremely welcoming. Chandeliers can ultimately reach this aim in any room. The glass and brighten up the complete room and crystals on a chandelier will reflect a terrific deal of light. This will definitely help make the room far more alluring and inviting.

While wall lights could be beautiful, they’re somewhat intrusive. They require you to physically drill holes by your drywall and those pits will need to be covered up, in the event the lights are ever removed. This will not be an issue with a wonderful chandelier. This lighting fixture may be hung from the ceiling like every other standard ceiling light.

Search Engine Optimization Experts

Search Engine Optimization Experts

If you are looking for an Expert in Search Engine Optimization found in Maine, then you have arrived at the appropriate location. Search Engine Optimization is a term that is used by people in the website development and writing field and it stands for Search Engine Optimization. Writers and website designers should understand what it takes to get a web site and at least the fundamentals of SEO or it’s owner found on the internet and in searches.

MaineThe supreme goal of any Maine SEO Services Specialist is to get their client’s website ranked at the top of the important search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing for search terms (keywords) in their particular business.

Many times web site developers have no fundamental understanding of the way to set up even fundamental SEO optimization for the site and will build sites for their clients. Like putting up a billboard in the centre of a desert with no roads about for traffic to find it.

SEO Specialists In Maine

This is a pity because it will not cause the website not to rank but many times also not be found by the search engines. It should have the basic optimization set up properly, if you’re going to hire a SEO Professional in Maine to build your site.

The start of search engine optimization begins with doing keyword research. This is where you establish the key words for a particular market or sector. These keywords will be the ones you’ll optimize your site for.

The more keywords you optimize your website for, the more visitors will come to your website, provided that you rank at the top on the SERPS (Search Engine Results Pages) and the keywords have decent search volume.

Web Traffic

Web traffic is driven by searches 90% of the time. It is likely that they are not going to locate you if someone searches for your website and your service or product isn’t on the first page of the search engines. With this in mind, take note your opponents that are on the first page are getting the bulk of online leads. – SEO Maine

Maine Rehab Outpatient Center

maine rehab outpatient center

You ’re wondering if or worried that you might have a problem. The very fact that something is making you wonder if your alcohol or drug use is a difficulty is usually a good indicator that it’s. maine rehab outpatient center can help.

Whether it’s “ merely a feeling” or something for example, you sometimes drink to the point of passing out or went through your prescription of Vicodin much too quickly – don’t discount it. Pay attention to those troublesome thoughts – they may save your life or at least steer you away from disaster down the road.

Anxiety has been expressed by others about your alcohol or drug use. If someone who knows you well or loves you has expressed concern about your alcohol or drug use, don’t be too fast to write them off. Chances are they have your best interests at heart and don’t need to find you ruin your life.

maine rehab outpatient center

Even if you believe they’re blowing things out of proportion or disagree, consider the chance that they may be appropriate. While some people do have family members or close friends who are prone to judging or lecturing, the great majority of people will only broach this kind of sensitive issue with you if they feel it’s necessary. maine rehab outpatient center is always there to help.

And if several individuals have expressed anxiety, nicely, let’s only say the writing’s on the wall that you most likely need booze and drug treatment.

You’re concealing your use from close friends or nearest and dearest. Maybe you’re justifying this because you don’t want others “in your business”, or you feel your family members would be judgmental. But if you feel the need to be secret about your use, that’s commonly a red flag which you have a problem. Granted, if you’re using prohibited drugs (which suggests a problem in and of itself), hiding the fact is not uncommon.

But the very fact that you’re willing risk serious legal problems and to engage in activity that is illegal is an index that something is severely wrong. Maybe you find yourself using when your spouse or family or roommate has gone to bed, using alone, or locking the bathroom or bedroom door when you’re using.

If someone dares violate your privacy or interrupt you, you are feeling irritable or get angry at them. Your reply to that should give you a lot of clues regarding whether or not your need alcohol or drug rehab treatment.
You use drugs or alcohol to deal with numb painful feelings or pressure. Alcohol and drug specialists, as well as mental health professionals, refer to this as “ self-medicating”.

That’s a telltale signal that there’s a difficulty whenever drug or alcohol use becomes a “need. Also, using a material as a means of contending often turns into a vicious cycle. Every time you feel better after drinking or using, it bolsters the pattern. On top of that, substance use issues create other issues in your life – / or fiscal problems, health problems, legal difficulties, and relationship difficulties. With each new difficulty comes even more anxiety, and an elevated demand to use (or self-medicate) even more. This vicious cycle can easily spiral completely out of control.
Pay attention to what you tell yourself or take a drink. If you regularly find yourself saying “I need a drink” (or something similar) whenever you feel stressed, that’s a red flag that there’s a serious problem brewing. maine rehab outpatient center can help.

Your operation is suffering. If you’re experiencing a decline in your performance on the job at school ( in case you’re a pupil), or in your parenting, (or any other place of your life), that’s a strong signal that your alcohol or drug use is a problem. In some cases, the drop is gradual – and harder to see.

Drugs and alcohol can affect your ability to think. They are able to also disrupt your sleep, making it difficult to be alert and focused during the day. If you’re seeing maine rehab outpatient center or others (like your boss) are remarking on – a decline in your ability to perform, take heed before there are inescapable outcomes.

If you live in Florida be sure to check out
Additional signals

The five signs listed above are critical, but there may be others too. While each of these could be due to other things too, they support the demand for drug or alcohol rehab treatment and often accompany substance abuse issues:

  • Recollection difficulties
  • Ignoring responsibilities
  • Changes in sleep or hunger (that can’t be suitably attributed to something else)
  • Ignoring look or your personal hygiene
  • Borrowing cash or selling possessions to purchase drugs or alcohol
  • Doctor shopping
  • Mood swings
  • No longer engaging in activities that you once enjoyed
  • Pulling away from family and friends
  • Regular injuries or accidents
  • Feeling the need to lie or be evasive

It doesn’t mean you are lacking in morals, or weak, undisciplined. If you’re willing to recognize the signals and take that first step alcohol or drug rehab treatment is accessible.

Employer Identification Number Information

An unique identification number that’s assigned to a business thing so that they can easily be identified by the Internal Revenue Service. The Employer Identification Number is widely used by companies for the purpose of reporting taxes.

The EIN is a nine-digit number, and its role resembles that of the Social Security number. The number contains info about which state the corporation is filed in. EINs can be applied for by telephone, online or by mail. The digits of an EIN are formatted as follows: XX XXXXXXX. Companies that have changed their ownership structure usually must apply for a new EIN.

A citizen identification number is a number that’s assigned to a taxpaying companies and other things for identification, reporting and record keeping purposes. The TIN helps the IRS keep track of these things and manage their tax accounts. Corporations, partnerships, estates and trusts, also as some proprietors and other people, must use these numbers when filing tax returns and other tax-related documents.

For sole proprietors, the TIN is their Social Security number or an employer identification number (EIN). For corporations, partnerships, trusts and estates, this number is an EIN.

BREAKING DOWN ‘Taxpayer Identification Number – TIN’
Sorts of TINs include preparer tax identification numbers, employer identification numbers, individual taxpayer identification numbers, adoption taxpayer identification numbers and Social Security numbers. The IRS issues all other kinds of taxpayer identification numbers.

EIN Number In Maine
Required Uses of TINs
The IRS requires the use of taxpayer identification numbers on many tax-related files, for example tax returns, reports and statements. As an example, taxpayers filing annual tax returns must furnish a TIN on their return, and employers reporting wages paid to employees must furnish these employees’ TINs.

Company identification numbers (EINs) are also called national employer identification numbers. The IRS demands EINs to be, used by businesses, including corporations and partnerships, in addition to some trusts and estates. Sole proprietors may use their Social Security number or an EIN. A sole proprietor who employs at least one person, other than herself, must get an EIN. Additionally, the IRS requires an EIN to be used by entities under specific circumstances, like if they have a Keogh plan, file returns associated with tobacco, alcohol or firearms, or if they are involved with particular types or organizations.

Getting an EIN can be done online and is free. The IRS informs that responsible parties ensure a business is before getting an EIN legitimately formed. Generally, a new EIN must be obtained if the company ownership or structure changes.

Particular resident and nonresident aliens who are unable to obtain Social Security numbers may file form W-7 with the IRS to obtain an individual taxpayer identification number (ITIN). These are nine- . The IRS authorizes such a colleges, approval representatives, financial institutions and accounting firms, to assist applicants in obtaining ITINs.

The IRS sometimes issues an adoption taxpayer identification number (ATIN) to a kid who’s being adopted in the USA if the kid cannot get a Social Security number before the adopting individuals must file a tax return.

Living and working in Maine

It may come as a surprise to many people, but leading healthy lifestyles can actually be fun and easy. Many think that people who live healthily eat boring, tasteless food and spend half their lives on exercise equipments, but they cannot be more wrong.

They may be right, though, when they say that healthy people who lead healthy lives are usually less prone to a wide array of diseases, and are more confident with their bodies, the way they are and the way they look. These people can enjoy a lot of things that a lot of unhealthy people might not be able to.

The fundamental step for having rational standard of living is only by providing yourself a strong and well mind along with the type of attitude which you adopt for making your life better. The positive thinking makes you stable and healthy with a smile on your face and assists you to stay away from strain.

Living and working in Maine
It is important to learn that healthy lifestyles can mean healthier physical, mental and emotional health. Most of the times, these things can be strongly interrelated. Good physical health has a tendency to improve mental health and vice versa. Both of these have direct and indirect effects on the emotional state of a person too.

So, how can you lead a healthy lifestyle? In this day and age when the prevalence of diet-related illnesses is high, leading a healthy lifestyle becomes of the utmost importance. Luckily, many easy ways can be done to start living and staying healthy.

1. Good fats vs. bad fats. Trans fats and saturated fats are considered bad fats for a good reason. These kinds of fats increase the risks of heart diseases because they can easily increase cholesterol levels. On the other hand, omega-3 fats, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats have been proven to boost heart health.

2. Whole foods vs. processed foods. Whole foods are the basis of many diet plans because of one simple reason: they offer better nutrition than processed foods. Processed foods also have high amounts of preservatives which aren’t all good for the body. Whole foods provide more energy and vitamins than processed foods.

3. Exercise. Not only does exercising help weight loss, it usually has positive effects on health. People who are already suffering from cardiovascular diseases may benefit from 15 minutes of aerobic exercises. Running helps the respiratory system and may also boost stamina and metabolism. Strength exercises can help strengthen bones and muscles, and may also help correct posture.

4. Quit bad habits. Habits are hard to break, but you need to get rid of the bad ones as soon as possible. Smoking poses a lot of threats to overall health, and may cause lung cancer, strokes, emphysema, and many others. Drinking too much can damage the liver. The sooner you quit these two, the better for your body.

Healthy lifestyles can prevent many diseases and help lengthen your life. It can easily give you confidence to make you feel good about yourself and be an inspiration to others. In many ways, a healthy lifestyle can have good effects on your mental and emotional health. Instead of thinking that it would take too much of your time, think about it as giving yourself all the time in the world for better quality life in return.

Our ancestors have always stressed upon things like early rise is a sign of having a successful day ahead and taking time out for exercises is the best cure for our mild health disorders. However, all these are best-proven tips that help us to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Therefore it’s time for you to give a stretch to your lazy bones and get out of your couches because it’s time for you to look slimmer, healthier and active. Who likes to be sick in bed and have a bulky belly? Nobody does.

Such interesting and minor efforts can easily transform your whole life. In fact, life is of no use without health. The healthy lifestyle was very complicated process in the past but now you can get benefits from the flair of various books, magazines, websites and programs for your direction and help where you can find experts tips for making your life healthy in no time.

Being healthy and living for the future in Maine.

A healthy lifestyle is easy to achieve with a few tips and tricks up your sleeve. Here, we give you some general information about the essentials of healthy living, and then explain some specific ways that you can achieve this in Maine.

So, no matter how long you are in Maine for – as a permanent resident or as a visitor for a few days – you will find that being healthy and living for the future in Maine is as easy as can be.
Healthy eating.

Living and working in Maine

Diet is a key part of overall health, and it is essential to eat a balanced diet that contains protein, carbohydrates, fruits and vegetables and unsaturated fats (such as olive oil) rather than saturated fats (such as butter). Maine is awash with excellent eateries where you can grab a healthy meal or snack.

From the Green Elephant Bistro to the Local Sprouts Cooperative, you will find it hard to stroll through the streets of Maine without coming across a tasty smoothie bar or healthy restaurant or cafe. Maine (especially the Portland region of Maine) is famously good for vegetarians, vegans, and people who want to explore a raw diet too, so get stuck in!


Exercising regularly is also key to good health. Jogging, cycling, swimming and aerobics are all popular in Maine, as are forms of group exercise such as Pilates, hot yoga, spinning and zumba. In fact, no matter what type of activity you want to try you are almost certain to be able to find plenty of people to do it with in Maine.

A great way to keep motivated when exercising is to do so in the great outdoors and there are plenty of beautiful parks in Maine where people go to cycle, jog, walk briskly or do yoga outside. Acadia National Park is one good example of a large park in this region, however no matter where you are staying in the Maine area you will never be more than a stone’s throw from a green space.

Another initiative that is of interest here is the Maine Healthy Beaches initiative. The local council at Maine have worked hard to ensure that Maine’s beaches are clean and litter free and that the water is safe to swim in. So why not try a spot of sailing or some swimming or diving off the coast of Maine? Just make sure to check that you are at a beach with a lifeguard and safe water for swimming in.

Total beginners can take advantage of the lessons provided by the numerous swimming and sailing (and other water sports) schools available in the area.

The work life balance.

Getting a good balance between work and play is very important for being healthy and living for the future in Maine. Maine has very low levels of unemployment, so if you have come here to work in a rewarding job you will find following your passion and earning some cash at the same time pretty easy.

Just make sure to relax as well – stress is a leading cause of ill health in the US. Maine is filled with cinemas, places to stroll, pubs, bars, cafes and clubs – as well as some interesting activities such as birdwatching societies and fun craft and sewing clubs. No matter what type of relaxing activity you are interested in, from wine tastings to poetry readings, and from jazz concerts to salsa dancing classes, Maine has it all!

Live for the future!

Our healthy living in the present will ensure that we have a healthy future, too. Starting as soon as possible with a healthy diet, fitness regime and work life balance is so important for getting into good habits and keeping our bodies in great shape inside and out. So why not use the tips described above to help your stay in Maine to be as healthy and as happy as can be?

The whole atmosphere of Maine is a very health and fitness friendly one, and so you will have no problem meeting like minded people to share your healthy hobbies with, or simply to let you in on some insider knowledge about being healthy and living for the future in Maine. Have a wonderful time exploring the beautiful Maine region!

You are Maine’s future, eat and live right!

EIN Number In Maine

Healthy living is the core foundation of an improved quality of life, wellbeing, and functional capacity. It should not be viewed as a remedy for health problems such as obesity but as the way of life for everyone. We ought to pursue a healthy lifestyle every day wherever we are – at home, work or on vacation. It is great news that more and more companies in Maine continue to introduce wellness programs to help their employees maintain a healthy lifestyle at work.

For many years, people around the world have known that healthy habits make sense. Eat well! Exercise! Avoid harmful substances! These are popular phrases echoed often by health and fitness professionals and enthusiasts implying the importance of healthy living. Every other day, we read articles and blogs about healthy habits but do we stop to think about the exact reasons as to why we should practice them?


What is a healthy habit?

A healthy habit is a behavior that helps you to have a better physical, mental and emotional health. Developing a healthy behavior is usually hard and requires a lot of sacrifice and focus. It involves changing your mindset and focusing on the far-reaching benefits of the behavior. The most common healthy habits are eating well and exercise. Regardless of the age, sex or physical ability of a person, these two are inevitable if one is to achieve a healthy lifestyle. What really is the importance of these habits?


Benefits of eating healthy

1. Stress control: In today’s terrific world, stress is unavoidable. Everything from the workplace, the traffic jam, and the demanding parenthood responsibilities is a potential cause of stress. By having a healthy diet endowed with omega-3, you can beat stress. These fatty acids protect you against rises in stress hormones. Eating foods rich in magnesium, vitamin C, and drinking black tea also helps to reduce stress hormones.

2. Mindless eating: Food craving is one big hindrance to a healthy lifestyle. Eating a balanced diet helps to control food cravings and thus keeps blood sugar stable. Unhealthy foods are everywhere you go today. Developing the ability to prevent the intense craving for such foods is a great step towards healthy living.

3. Happier mood: You can do anything to gain happiness. Here’s a lead. Healthy carbohydrates such as whole grains help to stabilize blood sugar. Foods rich in carbohydrates increase serotonin, which promotes happiness. Fish, turkey, and yogurt are also known to increase serotonin levels. You now know what to do to be happier.

4. Weight control: Eating a well-balanced, calorie managed diet helps to control weight. Taking a healthy breakfast can help you to avoid being over-hungry before lunch, which could make you run for a fast food. Skipping breakfast is not good, as it could cause a rise in your blood sugar, consequently leading to fat storage. Incorporating foods high in nutrients such as fruits and vegetables and limiting the intake of sugary beverages also helps to control weight.

Other benefits of healthy eating include having a soft skin, strong teeth, and a beautiful smile.


Importance of exercise

Regular physical activity positively impacts the body and the brain. It improves muscle strength and gives you more energy. When you exercise, your cardiovascular system works more efficiently. More oxygen and nutrients are delivered to your tissues and you get the needed energy to perform daily duties. Physical activity stimulates more production of endorphins, which are brain chemicals responsible for happiness and relaxation.

Having a good sleep is a key to good health. Physical exercise helps you to sleep faster. When you don’t get quality sleep you stand at a risk of high blood pressure, heart disease, and diabetes. When exercise is combined with other good practices such as sticking to a fixed sleeping schedule and reducing consumption of stimulants before sleeping, one can enjoy all the benefits of having a sound sleep.


How to develop healthy habits

The important thing to remember is that behavior change cannot be achieved overnight. Patience and determination are key when developing healthy habits. Start slowly by changing one thing at a time. For example, start eating a whole food and see its benefits. For exercise, make small changes in your lifestyle such as taking a regular walk. Don’t push yourself to run many kilometers the first days.

Be flexible and reduce intake of unhealthy food gradually. If you decide to reduce sugar consumption, do it systematically over a few weeks instead of all at once. Your body needs time to adapt to changes. After you’ve managed to develop a new behavior, build on it. If you have started eating fruits, buy more of them to strengthen that behavior.

Starting a home business in Maine

A home business is a superb way to increase your income and become your own boss. Home businesses have become increasingly popular as more and more people turn their talents and time into profits. Having your own home business can offer you great satisfaction as you develop it into a priceless investment.

Starting a home business in Maine

You are able to enjoy the freedom that comes with making management decisions and your office is located in your home. However, starting it is not as easy as it sounds. There are disadvantages that come along with the increased income and freedom. It can mean working for long hours and because the business is at home, it can disrupt family activities.

Additionally, because you are your own boss, the success of the business will depend on your time management skills. Here are a few things to consider when starting a home business in Maine;

Management Personality

Research has shown that a successful business operator tends to be persistent and determined. They are creative thinkers and can fast decisions when need be. They are also flexible and are able to adapt to different business situations. A successful home business owner should be consumer-oriented, possess impeccable human relations skills and get along with all kinds of people.

One important trait you must possess as a home business owner is the commitment to make profits and ensure the success of the business. The business must be just that, a business and not a hobby. You have to devote extra effort and time to it, especially if you are just getting started.

Separating home and business

The first things to look at in regard to your home’s suitability, are privacy and space. Is there enough room in your home to carry out a business without interfering with other family activities? No matter the type of business you are getting into, you will need some space to set up an office. If you are selling products, you will need a store for your inventory.

You will also need a display area that customers do not have to walk through your living area to get to. You will need adequate parking spaces for them. Keeping your business as separate from the living area as possible is important because of the family’s privacy tax advantages.

The internal Revenue Service allows deduction of expenses related to maintaining a place of business. These deductions include utility costs, rent, furnishing and maintenance. However, they are only allowed for a place that is the principal place of business and used strictly for business intent. You will not be able to deduct them if you keep the business and living areas as one.
Arrange for a separate business phone line. This keeps your family and business telephone needs from conflicting. Business telephone rates are usually higher than the residential rates, but you are able to deduct your business telephone expenses when filing tax returns.
Legal and insurance needs

Many communities have comprehensive plans and zoning ordinances that restrict the size and type of businesses allowed in residential areas. These are meant to protect the neighbors and business operators from health and safety hazards, increased parking demands and traffic flow and any other disruptions that may come with some business activities. You should check with your clerk to find out about these types of regulations before starting a home business. Talk to the neighbors about signs and parking if your business will be bringing any kind of traffic into the neighborhood.
Also check with your insurance agent to see the insurance requirements for your business. Check with your county auditor or city clerk about inspection and licensing regulations that relate to your type of business. State laws in Maine call for some business operators like beauty and barber shops to be licensed.
Once all this is done and you are sure that there are no regulatory or legal issues that will restrict your ability to carry out your business at home, look at the compatibility of your home and family life and that of your business plan. Ask yourself questions like, “Will I manage to keep the business from getting in the way?” Can I begin my business and not make many changes in my home? Does my family approve of this business idea?” If you answer yes to all of these questions, then chances of a successful business are improved.
If you have decided to begin your home business, you have chosen to start a challenging adventure. It could be a risky one with a few bumps along the way. But careful management and sound planning will help you mitigate the risks and make the experience a pleasant and profitable one.

All About Social Security Card Application for Maine Residents

In the United States of America, a Social Security number or SSN is very important nine-digit number issued to every U.S. citizen either permanent or temporary resident of the country. The number is issued to a resident by the Social Security Administration or SSA. The main purpose of SSN is to track every individual for various Social Security purposes.

Besides, SSN is also required in opening bank accounts, getting a health insurance, etc. It is often demanded by the banks and financial institutions to apply for loans, and credit cards.

Social Security Card
Types of Social Security Cards

>>> Replacement Social Security Card

Different types of social security cards are issued to different types of residents –

Type 1 – People who are permanent residents of the country and people who have legally migrated from other countries permanently are issued type 1’ SSNs.

Type 2 – The second type comes with a note Valid for work only with DHS authorization’. People who have migrated in the USA lawfully and have DHS authorization to work in this country for a temporary basis are given a second type of SSNs.

Type 3 – This type is meant for the following categories of temporary residents –

People who have come to the USA for any other reason and without a work permit from DHS.

People who need SSNs as any federal law of the land requiring them to have that number for any social security reasons.

Applying for a Social Security card

Application for social security card or number for Maine residents is free. The application could be used for three different reasons –

For a new application

For a replacement of existing card due to damage or any other reasons.

For changing any given information like change of address.

Social Security Administration asks for mandatory evidences for processing an application. The evidences are as follows –

For a new application – At least two documents are needed, e.g. one document for proof of identity and age, while another document as a proof of residency or valid work permit in the USA. In case the second document is not available or applicable, a valid document for non-work reason of staying in this country is required.

For replacement application – In this case too, the applicant needs to provide an identity proof and current status of his or residency in Maine.

For changing information – Information printed on the card may need changing due to printing mistakes or actual changes, like change in name, or address. In such situations, an applicant need to furnish a valid document in support of his or her application for change.

Process of submitting an application

Submission of Social Security card application is easy for the residents in Maine. He or she just needs to get the information, whether the office accepts application online or one needs to visit the office physically. Normally, if a SSA office is established for a specific area, it is mandatory for the residents to visit the office with documents personally. If the age of an applicant is under 12 and applying for the first time, physical appearance is mandatory along with his or her legal guardian.

However, important information required for application is available from SSA’s official website or help desk executives over the telephone.

Some important aspects of filling up the applications

Although filling up the application is not at all a complicated affair, applicants in Maine must keep in mind the following important aspects while filling up the application form –

Writing a perfect mailing address is important. The address should be one where the applicant will be available for at least two weeks after applying for SSN.

Ticking right citizenship option is necessary because authority will ask to submit supporting documents.

In date of birth field, writing all four digits of year’ is necessary.

SSN of mother and father are necessary with the application of an individual under the age of 18 years. In some exceptional cases, application is accepted without SSN of the mother also.

Person above the age of 18 needs to sign on the application on his or own, while legal guardian like father or mother needs to sign an application if the person is under the age of 18 or could not sign on his or her own.

It is important for every resident in the USA to remember his or her SSN, as it is the proof of identity in this country. No other persons or institutions except an employer, bank, credit card companies, health insurers etc. should know that number. It is a fraud if someone else misuses the number or steals the card or number for illegal activities.